About us

GoMotoTrip was founded in China since 2007 by a team of sportbike enthusiasts. Focus on providing the best possible shopping experience of aftermarket motorcycle fairings to any riders who visit us online.


Hey guys,

Back in the time, our group decided to change the bike’s look with some new bodyworks. OEM fairing is not an option as too expensive…

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Therefore, the aftermarket fairing comes in place and YES a lot of different fairing vendors out there. All were worth a try no matter the crazy high or incredibly cheap offer.

Eventually, dozens of fairing sets in different price were purchased & reviewed, but almost 4/5 of the members ended up to put back their original stock fairing. Why? These kits were not worth at almost $800 per set, that’s not what we paid for to last few weeks. No luck at all~

We decided to cooperate with unpainted fairing manufacturers and build our own painting workshop. To get our hands on the fairing fitment & painting, to make the worthwhile aftermarket fairing!

For us, the customer always comes first because we’ve ever been in your shoes to fight anything about a sportbike bodywork.

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us now and in the future.

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See what our client says

Back in Europe I’ve destroyed an R1 ones.

I rebuild it but I was skeptical buying a painted ABS fairing kit in China. The installation was horrible, and the quality of material and paint were not really compelling.

So I was not too excited about it to go that route again, especially not with a Ducati Panigale 1199R.

But I found the website GoMotoTrip with lots of promising looking fairing kits, so I started to discuss what I wanted with Wilson. Each question was quickly answered, and as they said that they could do my design- I made a payment to give it a shot.

I’ve received pictures to check, and even changes I wanted- all done, but I was still kinda skeptical about material and fit, because the Panigale costume is tight!

Finally a big box arrived, and I was more than surprised. The paint job is just phenomenal and done with an eye to the detail (they made this off a drawing I’ve send them). The ABS plastics seem to show flexibility, but I had to resize all holes a little (paint etc), but I didn’t had to oval any hole to make it fit.

I would do this with Wilson again and again. In fact I am planning the next design already. I have it all on now since 4 weeks, and nothing broke or cracked the paint. The clear coat makes it look almost stock quality.

Is it 100% perfect? No… nothing is perfect in life, but I am superb happy the way it came out.

Our fairing features


The raw material is one of the most important factors in determining plastic quality. We only use the highest grade virgin ABS plastic. To make sure the foundation of aftermarket fairings is getting way closer to the OEM fairings.

About 1 Virgin Abs Plastic


The molding is crafted by using the OEM bodywork. They have the same complete structure of tabs & screw holes in precise size, which can 99.9% fit your bike. The way you take off stock fairing is exactly the same way to install ours.


Our painting master is with decade-skilled on painting motorcycle fairing. We’re using the best made-in-China painting. Following the standard process from OEM factory: heavy primers, enough painting layers & suitable clear coat, to complete your new fairing.


Each fairing pieces is covered by two layers of pearl cotton, well organized & packaged in the strong cartons. The gap inside the box is also filled to avoid the damages during transportation. Eventually, we make sure you have the fairing in good condition.