When it comes to change the looking of your bike.
It’s no longer a thing of beyond-my-budget!

GoMotoTrip is driven by a unique passion for applying the modern looking on your sportbike.
On top of that, helps you bypass all of those middlemen to get a worthwhile aftermarket fairing.

Emotions & excellence is nowadays engineered in China where we’re located.
Quality-Made-In-China continues to grow every year!
Have a glance at our custom fairing feedback as following.

Your bike could turn into something like theirs for sure!



Back in Europe I’ve destroyed an R1 ones.

I rebuild it but I was skeptical buying a painted ABS fairing kit in China. The installation was horrible, and the quality of material and paint were not really compelling.

So I was not too excited about it to go that route again, especially not with a Ducati Panigale 1199R.

But I found the website GoMotoTrip with lots of promising looking fairing kits, so I started to discuss what I wanted with Wilson. Each question was quickly answered, and as they said that they could do my design- I made a payment to give it a shot.

I’ve received pictures to check, and even changes I wanted- all done, but I was still kinda skeptical about material and fit, because the Panigale costume is tight!

Finally a big box arrived, and I was more than surprised. The paint job is just phenomenal and done with an eye to the detail (they made this off a drawing I’ve send them). The ABS plastics seem to show flexibility, but I had to resize all holes a little (paint etc), but I didn’t had to oval any hole to make it fit.

I would do this with Wilson again and again. In fact I am planning the next design already. I have it all on now since 4 weeks, and nothing broke or cracked the paint. The clear coat makes it look almost stock quality.

Is it 100% perfect? No… nothing is perfect in life, but I am superb happy the way it came out.


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