Unique Passion For Applying The Modern Looking On Your Sportbike!


Unique Passion For Applying The Modern Looking On Your Sportbike!


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  • Please bear in mind the time difference. We’re located in China but applied this US Number to better talking with you. Literally it’s hard to answer your call on time.


  • The preferred way to contact us is by mail, we will respond within 24 hours.


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Yes, our price is not included any tax and you have to pay the import tax fee when your fairing package arrived.

Depends on the rule of your country, normally the USA is non-tax needed. Most of the country is setting the charge-tax-line on how much value your package is. In our experience, we only declare USD$100 on your fairing package, somehow it could help you to reduce duty cost, for the exact tax rate, please do double check with your local customs.

⇒For example for UK riders: Tax and customs for goods sent from abroad (https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty)

From the date when you place the fairing order, it’s as scheduled:

⇒ 15-20 working days for production

⇒ 6+ working days for delivery (Click Here For The Exact ETA)

Not sure if this is workable for you, it’s still worth a try anyway as we’ve been doing this for some riders:

⇒ Split The Total Amount

⇒ Pay Them Separately

For example, the total amount of your fairing order is US$600, let’s split the total amount as following:

⇒ US$100 (this smaller value will be declared as the value of your fairing package, and a specific invoice will be made and sent to you as well, in case the customs are asking for it)

⇒ US$500

This sounds a little bit crazy,  but it did works and it’s going to save your budget :-)

For details, please see our Returns & Refunds.

We do not ship to post office boxes at this time. In most cases, many Post Offices will return larger packages to sender because they do not accept or cannot handle larger parcels. In order to provide exceptional service and on time delivery of all items we do not ship to post office box addresses.


⇒1. View “CART” page.

⇒2. Update “Calculate shipping” section.

⇒3. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button. (Some country are not listed on the system, so please contact us for exact cost)

⇒4. Fill in “Billing details & Ship to a different address?

⇒5. Select payment method and check the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *

⇒6. Click “PLACE ORDER

All done, what’s next?

⇒You will receive the email notification once it’s done.

You will receive an email including a tracking number from us.

⇒ it’s has the tracking number inside and you could live track it on www.17track.net/en

Just enter the given order tracking number in the appropriate fields. It’s that easy!

YES, as long as you provide us the high solution pictures & in-depth instructions.

It’s possible to make your desired paint schemes. (Some custom designs may incur a small additional charge).

We’ll work with you to get it made. We have in-house experienced artists and designers to make your paint scheme dreams come true!

Can I add custom stickers?

Yes. Please tell us where you want to add or replace it. For example, your race number, your name and etc…

Will GoMotoTrip Fairing’s color match my old ones?

  1. It depends, the least close they will be is 95%, as every manufacturer used the different blend of materials, overall they are usually extremely close.
  2. We can not 100% guarantee you the color match of your old/current fairings, especially to match your tank cover ever since few of our fairing is not having the tank cover available yet.
  3. For the fairing parts order, we highly recommend that you buy a full kit from us so that every part matches and fits perfectly and there are no differences in the panel colors.

Do you send me the paint color code used to paint my fairing kit?

  1. It’s a pity that we don’t have an exact color code for you, as we use our own paint formulas which is not the same as international standard.
  2. The only solution is to ask your local expert painter to adjust the new color when you receive our fairing package, all of our customers are doing so if they need to repaint their tank cover.

In GoMotoTrip, any fairing marked as injection molded does have the OEM fitment.

  • It means that they have the same accurate holes, tabs and etc for you to install our fairing on your sportbike.
  • The way you took off the original fairing is the way to put GoMotoTrip’s fairing back.
About 2 Injected Mold 2


The injection mold goes like this:

  • The injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold, it’s then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment.
  • Exactly the same injection molds production method as the OEM, thus you won’t be having any fitment problem.
  • You could have a review of our equipment here.

=====For your info=====

Only for some vintage sportbike, GoMotoTrip has no injection mold but just compression molding for them, as it plays a good role in creating old model fairing.

The compression mold goes like this:

  1. Compression mold is when a BIG plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold.
  2. All the bolt-on fix-tab-spot are manually placed by the experienced motorcycle fairing master.
  3. Thus you need to have the modification and adjusted the position before you put the bolt on, like drilling and cutting when necessary.


It’s been decades that GoMotoTrip ship fairing worldwide, we in person have seen what happens to our boxes when they go overseas.

Therefore we wrap them all in the protection of foam and sponge material (Clean, non-abrasive, lightweight and waterproof):

Fairing Packing 1

Fairing Packing 2


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