Unique Passion For Applying The Modern Looking On Your Sportbike!


Unique Passion For Applying The Modern Looking On Your Sportbike!


VFR400R NC30 Deep Blue Rothman Fairing


Morten got this kit installed:


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NC30 Rothman Dark Blue Fairing Edition

Morten asked us to make some changes based on the below original rothman fairing design:

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Rothman Fairing Kit 1

1) I would like the blue to be a deeper, darker metallic blue.


2) I would like to have the red/gold stripe from the side panels continue across the radiator cover and have the bottom half of the radiator cover painted the same metallic blue as the side panels.


I have finished installing the fairing and in general, it is really nice. As promised I return with some photos and in-depth feedback on your product.

There are a few problems I’ll try to show you, for you to improve your production and make your product even better. Some of the problems I’ll point out you might already be aware of, other might be more challenging for you to uncover unless you actually have the experience of fitting an aftermarket fairing on the specific motorcycle model – in this case the Honda NC30.

Please keep in mind, despite the (positive) criticism, that I’m far from a dissatisfied customer! I still think you have world-class customer service and packaging, and I’m generally very satisfied with your product, but I also see room for improvement.

In this mail, just for completion, I’ve included the problems already mentioned in previous emails, which you have already responded to.

Ok, here goes:

Paint – in general:

In general, the paint application quality is varying. Your strong points across the board are the colors – as mentioned earlier they are deep, rich and vivid; very, very good. The rear panels have very good and vivid colors but have also areas with a too-thin (see-through) paint layer, but the clear coat is excellent with a rich smooth finish. The tank cover has very good colors and paints too, but the weak point here is the clear coat: The left side of the tank cover appears to have some clear coat, the right side appears to have very little if any clear coat. The surface seems rippled, unsmooth and unfortunately also with a few errors: A spec of sand / dust / impurity has gotten into the paint or top coat and does not have the same top coat brilliance as the rear panels for example. and also a little chip in the lower right side). I’d say that your top layer / clear coat need some improvement to reach the level of your colors application and decals.

Fitting – in general:

As already mentioned, in general, your fairing parts had a really nice fit, and honestly much better than I expected from a compression molded, fittings hand-glued, pre-drilled fairing kit. Well done! I had to make minor cuts in 4 places total, and only very minor modifications. I’d like to point out that the tank cover has an excellent and very snug fit. There is NO air space in there. Really impressive fit! Nose cone fitted almost perfect too.

In detail:

Photo 0597:

(Already mentioned and covered) On both rear sections, in the area where the panels join behind the seat, the white paint is so thin that it doesn’t even cover the base coat – you can clearly see the base coat through the top layer.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0597

Photo 0601, 0602 and 0603:

(Already mentioned and covered) The “Rothmans” text decal on left side lower fairing didn’t come out satisfactory. The text has come off the fairing in a couple of spots and has subsequently been clear coated on top without being properly attached / corrected first. Additionally, the text decal is slightly skewed (but not much) and has numerous air bubbles trapped under it.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0601


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0602


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0603

Photo 0606:

(Already mentioned and covered) All Rothmans logos (placed on both upper side fairings, nose, and front mudguard) are of a disappointing low print quality: Very obvious horizontal lines from printing. Text and field lines are fuzzy/blurry/cloudy/hazy and all-white text has a pink tint to it. I want to mention that all other decals are the good quality by any standard: Sharp, crisp lines and with very good colors and color saturation – did something go wrong with the Rothmans Logos?


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0606

Photo 0608:


NC30 Fairing Feedback 0608

(Already mentioned and covered) The small rear connection piece between the tail lights is deformed and bend out of shape.

Photo 2516:

First modification: The radiator cover and the lower left side panel did not join as shown in the photo. The reason is that the end of the folded recess on the left side cover was closed off and the radiator cover simply couldn’t enter the recess. I cut up the folded recess in the lower left side panel and the radiator cover enters nicely (modification not shown).


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2516

Photo 2517:

Second modification: The assembly behind the seat didn’t have a good fit. I removed approximately 1,5mm of material from each side of rear panel, to get the parts to fit nicely together, and I had to modify/recut the hole for the around the passenger seat lock. I’ll smooth the edges out and touch up with paint at a later time.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2517

Movie clip 2537:

Third modification: The lower left side panel didn’t leave room for the side stand to pass. The movement of flipping out the side stand would catch the bottom side of the panel from the inside and force it outward, and could easily damage the fairing if left unattended. I cut out 3-4mm in an arc, and now the side stand passes freely the lower left side panel (modification not shown).

(No photo). Fourth modification: On both upper side panels I had to cut / open up the recesses in the joining brackets. The nose cone and both upper side panels simply didn’t join, because the recess in the joining brackets wasn’t sufficiently wide for the fairing part to enter and join. Very minor modification.

Photo 2580:

The fixture for the bracket doesn’t exist on your corresponding fairing part. Missing this fixture for mounting the bracket means that the tail lights can’t be properly secured. See movie clip 2581.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2580

See movie clip 2581:

Movie clip 2581 shows how the taillights are not properly secured in the tail section. See photo 2580 for the original part and the fixtures for securing the bracket.

Photo 2582 and 2583:

Joining the 2 tail panels with the tail center part is troublesome. Maybe it is due to the fact that the tail center part was received bend/warped, and was reshaped (by me), that the fixtures and recesses don’t join seamlessly. The gap is approx. 3 mm.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2582


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2583

Photo 2584 and 2585:

The cut-out for the tail lights are skewed and not straight and doesn’t fit the tail lights well. The gap between panels and the taillights are 3-5 mm.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2584


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2585

Photo 2587, 2588, 2589, 2590 and 2591:

The colors on the tank cover are very good, but the clear coat is less impressive. The clear coat is generally poorly applied; uneven and cloudy – especially on the right side. I’ve tried to photograph a direct comparison on photo 2587 – please, notice the cloudy reflection on the right side.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2587

Photo 2588 shows the ‘good’ side; you’ll probably be able to see the ripples and unsmooth surface.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2588

Photo 2589 is a reference photo of another motorcycle – it’s parked in the same spot, in the same light and the same reflection; and in my opinion, it’s the quality I think you should strive to achieve.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2589

Photo 2590 is a small chip in the paint, but it’s on the underside of right side edge and not really a problem – I can’t even rule out, that I myself, made the chip in the paint during the assembly, as I didn’t see it until after the assembly.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2590

Photo 2591 shows the impurity / speck of dust or sand stuck in the paint.


NC30 Fairing Feedback 2591

Best regards,


Comments by GoMotoTrip:

Appreciate such in-depth review from Morten!

We do understand this is frustrating when it comes to compression mold fairing which is not perfect at all compared with the injection mold fairing. (It’s really out of an option as only compression mold fairing available for such classic bike in the aftermarket industry.)

What GoMotoTrip would do is to do the best customer service to balance such disadvantage of compression mold, like provided the FREE replacement in some situation like you’re in. Even you didn’t mention the fairing review post, we will do what we should do.

So what we’ve addressed is that the replacement of the below lower side fairing will be made + the correct version of Rothman decals. You don’t have to pay for the shipping cost as well. We should be paying this careless at our own.


Free replacements provided!

More photos of this fairing design. You can review how it looks like under different light condition.

Note: there is a NC30 seat cowl in the below photos. A customer sent it to us and we painted it along with his new fairing kit upon his request. That’s not available for ordering.

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Diy Rothman Fairing Kit 1

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Diy Rothman Fairing Kit 2

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Diy Rothman Fairing Kit 3

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Diy Rothman Fairing Kit 4

1988 1992 Honda Vfr400r Nc30 Diy Rothman Fairing Kit 5

This GoMotoTrip Road/Street Fairing:

made in china

  • Made by High-Quality ABS Plastic: Compression Molded

  • Pre-drilled & ready for installation: Only 80% Good Fitment
  • Guarantee of triple-layers-base painting

  • Guarantee of three-layer clear coat covered

  • 1 x free heat shield applied on the lower fairing

  • 1 x free windshield included

  • 1 x free Do-It-Yourself service included

How Long Will It Take To Deliver?

When you placed order (payment completed) on our website:

  • At least 15-20 working days to complete your fairing production, sooner or later which is depending on the complexity of your desired design.
  • International shipping requires additional time. It should take as long as the shipping method you selected on the cart/checkout page. FYI: Estimated Fairing Delivery.

Trust us, it’s worth the wait.


This fairing will be shipped directly from China where we’re located.

Listed offer includes free shipping by China Post to most country. If pay extra, your fairing package could be shipped by China EMS, HK Post or Cargo Boat.


If your order arrives and it is not right, doesn’t fit or just not happy with it? We will fix it, NO NONSENSE, we promise.

Within 7 business days of delivery receipt of your item, you can return at your cost any new, unused and unaltered items back to China.

We will issue a FULL refund to your original payment method. See our full Return Policy for all of the pertinent details.


Have Questions?

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Not sure if this is workable for you, it’s still worth a try anyway as we’ve been doing this for some riders:

⇒ Split The Total Amount

⇒ Pay Them Separately

For example, if the total amount of your fairing order is US$600, let’s split the total amount as follows:

⇒ US$100 (this smaller value will be declared as the value of your fairing package, and a specific invoice will be made and sent to you as well, in case the customs are asking for it)

⇒ US$500

This sounds a little bit crazy,  but it did work and it’s going to save your budget :-)

We do not ship to post office boxes. In most cases, many Post Offices will return larger packages to the sender because they do not accept or cannot handle larger parcels. To provide exceptional service and on-time delivery of all items we do not ship to post office box addresses.

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⇒2. Update the “Calculate shipping” section.

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⇒5. Select the payment method and check the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions *

⇒6. Click “PLACE ORDER

⇒7. All done. You will receive the order confirmation notifications via email & SMS.

Yes, you can. Please contact us via email with the details of the parts you need, and we’ll provide a quote.

[More Info] When you go for partial aftermarket fairing, the new part’s color may not 100% match your current’s but 90% is possible. As you may know, the paint will be aged due to the deterioration over time. Please provide your current bike photos so we can follow its colors as closely as possible. If you’re okay with the potential risk of color non-matching, the part offer could be provided upon your reply/confirmation. Overall, we recommend a complete fairing kit to guarantee uniform paint colors and design.

We’re located in China.

We select pure virgin ABS plastic for its superior elasticity and heat resistance, ensuring durable and long-lasting fairings.

Absolutely! Our parts are designed using OEM specifications and will securely fasten to your OEM bodywork.

It’s a pity that we don’t provide the installation manual. Our fairings, made to OEM specifications, can usually be installed at home. However, for safety and accuracy, please refer to the dealer service manual or contact an authorized mechanic for assistance.

Yes. What you see is what you get. All stickers shown on our fairing photo will be applied to your new fairing.

Absolutely! It’s possible to make your desired paint schemes. Our team is ready to turn your vision into reality. Please reach out to us with your specifics using our Contact Form. If possible, please provide us the high solution reference pictures and in-depth instructions. Some custom designs may incur a small additional charge.

Yes. If you’d like to modify logos on any kit, please contact us with the product link and the desired changes via email. We’re there to assist with your custom stickers.

Absolutely. We specialize in custom-painted fairing orders. Please contact us with your desired design photos. Let’s dive into your design idea.

We don’t have an exact color code for you. We use our paint formulas which are not the same as the international standard.

We accept various credit and debit cards, along with bank transfers.

You can cancel your order at no cost within 2 days from the date you place your order. Please contact us from the order confirmation email.

After placing your order, please allow 14-20 business days for production. We focus on efficiently completing your order, which means we don’t provide updates during the process to avoid delays. If you haven’t received the order completion email after 25 days, please reach out to us.

Fairing production takes about 14-20 business days, depending on design complexity. Once shipped, expect delivery within 10-20 days. A tracking ID will be provided, and active tracking will begin once the kit is handed to the shipper within 1-3 days.

We use China Post and China EMS Express as our standard shipping methods, typically delivering to most global locations within 10-20 days. You’ll receive tracking details for the fairing shipment.

We ship globally using China Post. If your country isn’t listed at checkout, contact us for assistance.

Please check all your email folders, including junk, for an automated dispatch email from a no-reply address. Add gomototrip.com to your safe sender’s list for future communications.

As soon as your fairing is completed, it’ll be dispatched to our shipper to prepare for international delivery. Please expect your tracking ID within 1-3 days after the production time.

Please give it a few more days to transit through facilities. Once it reaches the destination country, post-customs clearance, it will be handed over to the domestic post for delivery. FYI:

  • USA – USPS
  • UK – Royal Mail
  • Canada – Canada Post
  • Australia – Australia Post

Delays are rare but can occur. Our support team monitors shipments and will inform you immediately of any delays, ensuring a resolution is promptly found.

Yes. As soon as the fairing parcel arrives in the destination country, you’ll be contacted by local customs or courier if you need to pay any import tax fee.

This depends on the rules of your country. Normally the USA is non-tax needed. Most of the country is setting the charge-tax-line on how much value your package is. In our experience, we only declare USD$100 on your fairing package, somehow it could help you to reduce duty cost. For the exact tax rate, please check with your local customs.

If your order is held at customs, please cooperate with them to do the clearance. We can provide the invoice if needed.

You can return a kit if it doesn’t meet your expectations. No restocking fee but you need to return it at your cost. If there are issues like paint or fitment problems, contact us for a replacement.

For details, please see our Returns & Refunds.

It’s rare, but if a part arrives damaged, we’ll replace it at no extra charge. Report the issue within 48 hours, ensuring the part remains unused, unmounted, and in its original packaging. Please provide photos to expedite the replacement process.

In GoMotoTrip, any fairing marked as injection molded does have the OEM fitment.

  • It means that they have the same accurate holes, tabs, etc for you to install our fairing on your sportbike.
  • The way you took off the original fairing is the way to put GoMotoTrip’s fairing back.

About 2 Injected Mold 2


The injection mold goes like this:

  • The injection mold is when heated (melted) plastic is injected or poured into a cool mold, it’s then left to set and cool and provides a more accurate fitment.
  • With the same injection mold production method as the OEM, thus you won’t have any fitment problems.
  • You could have a review of our equipment here.

=====For your info=====

Only for some vintage sportbikes, GoMotoTrip has no injection mold but just compression molding for them, as it plays a good role in creating old model fairing.

The compression mold goes like this:

  1. Compression mold is when a BIG plastic is forced to conform to the shape of a heated mold.
  2. All the bolt-on fix-tab spots are manually placed by the experienced motorcycle fairing master.
  3. Thus you need to have the modification and adjust the position before you put the bolt on, like drilling and cutting when necessary.


It’s been decades that GoMotoTrip ship fairing worldwide, and we in person have seen what happens to our boxes when they go overseas.

Therefore we wrap them all in the protection of foam and sponge material (Clean, non-abrasive, lightweight, and waterproof):

Fairing Packing 1

Fairing Packing 2


No answers? Please drop your concern via below contact form.

We will know you’re asking about this specific fairing design here.

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