Speaking of creating a new impression for a sports bike, almost every biker likes to begin with the motorbike fairing.

It’s just like one of the reasons that people rely on clothes is to show personality and stand out, so does a motorcycle!

So how to create your custom fairing with GoMotoTrip?

It’s easy~ What you want is what we make, all you need to do is tell us the design ideas in your mind.

Let’s find out whether it’s doable or not :)

Assume you’ve already got some creative ideas on your mind, just send us an email with design photos if possible and we will answer you.

If you don’t have any idea yet, that’s fine, keep read below tips as those are the exact strategies we used to make aftermarket fairing from boring to stylish.

Stick to original style but with small my changes

If you’re really a fan of the factory graphic and not likely to jump too far from the original design, this tip works for you.

Here’s exactly how it works:

You see, this design of CBR1000RR 2017 RedBull Honda:

Cbr1000rr Fireblade Sp 2017 Red Bull Honda Wsbk 1

Without changes, replicated on a CBR1000RR 2008-2011 aftermarket fairing as below:

2008 2011 Honda Cbr1000rr Red Bull Wsbk Fairing 1

For example, this is my changes:

  1. Add my number 39 on the front fairing
  2. Add my REPSOL on the side fairing (under the Redbull)
  3. Replace all blue color with black (because I’m sick of black)

That’s all and it turns out like this:

2008 2011 Honda Cbr1000rr Red Bull Wsbk 39 Fairing 1

Get it?

Let’s go NEXT~

Steal from other motorcycle’s design

Yup, this goes against copyright…

But stay with me, this Petronas Design:

2008 2011 Honda Cbr1000rr Mv Agusta Petronas

I really love that for my bike! But my bike is a Triumph Daytona 675 2006-2008…

2006 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 Petronas Replica Fairing 1

And yes it turns out like this:

Rider Review Mj Triumph Daytona 675 Petronas Design Fairing 2

Now It’s Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Which strategy from today’s post are you excited to try first?

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Bottom Line:

All you need to do are telling us the ideas you have!

As a matter of fact, with your varying interests on Custom Fairing, GoMotoTrip has been bringing various designs to the table. It’s you who make it a work of the art.

If you’re not getting enough on our current fairing designs, what to do next?

Tip 1: Keep browsing and stealing designs on other fairing categories. (If you found anything you like from other categories, please just email us with detail requests and you are set, we will be answering you whether that design is able to be made on your new fairing or not.)

Tip 2: After you tried what we said on tip 1, still find nothing? It’s fine and please just emails us with details of your ideal one. (It could be pictures taken from another website)

Lastly, hope you enjoy your tour of our online fairing collection.