This question would never bother you unless you hear a motorcycle accident.

Bike dropped and man sigh that his fairings are now smashed up…

You might start curious about “what are motorcycle fairings?”.

Motorcycle Fairing Development Damged Fairing

Damaged Fairing

In this post, we are going to explain what motorcycle fairings are and more.

What are motorcycle fairings?

A motorcycle fairing is its Riding/Racing Suits.

In other words, motorcycle fairings (cowling) are panels/shell placed over the motorcycle frame, in order to:

  • manipulate airflow and reduce air drag
  • make a bike more aerodynamic
  • allows for reduced fuel consumption and permits higher speeds at lower engine rpm
  • protect the rider from airborne hazards and wind-induced hypothermia
  • protect the engine, frame, and other components
  • transform the looking and giving it a sleek and modern aesthetic
  • generally making the rider more comfortable

Fairing Structure

Motorcycle manufacturers are making interesting shapes and styles that often stylish “signatures” for particular powersport motorcycle models, it would partially or fully enclose the entire motorcycle.

Generally, a motorcycle would have:

  • a front fairing <headlight/nose fairing>
  • a mudguard
  • two side fairings
  • a belly fairing
  • a rear fairing


Fairings are now considered integral to the design of many motorcycles, it becomes the easiest way to suggest that a standard bike is a sport bike, or an adventure bike, or a futuristic something or other.

Most people would agree the second main purpose of a fairing on many motorcycles is to hide all of those unattractive wires, reservoirs, tubes, etc. In this way, the manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about arranging it all in a more pleasing way.

Fairing Material

These fairings are made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic
  • fiberglass
  • carbon fiber

Bottom line: For street/road motorcycle

GoMotoTrip manufactures aftermarket fairing with ABS plastic due to its strong, flexible and lightweight advantage.

Besides that, using injection molding to melt and inject the ABS plastic into the mold cavity. Constant pressure is applied to allow for material shrinkage. The plastic then cools and hardens in the mold. In this way, Injection molds allow for uniform thickness throughout the entire piece.

It gives the most accurate end product that fits well. It is how we make our plastics nowadays.

Gomototrip Fairing Injection Mold Machine 2

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic

Bottom line: For track/race sportbike

GoMotoTrip manufactures race fairing with fiberglass which is made of woven fibers, such composite is well known as glass-reinforced plastic (GRP).

As you knew, fiberglass fairings are commonly used on the race track due to its lighter, durable than ABS plastic.

It’s not easily got damaged, even it does damage, it could be repaired by applying new layers of woven fiberglass cloth mixed with a polymer such as epoxy over the damaged area, then sanding and finishing.


Fairing Development

Let’s take a look at the history of the motorcycle fairing development in short.

  • Streamliner Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Streamliner Fairing 1938 Indian Arrow Streamliner

Streamliner Fairing (1938 Indian Arrow Streamliner)

  • Dustbin Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Dustbin Fairing

Dustbin Fairing

  • Dolphin Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Dolphin Fairing

Dolphin Fairing

  • Quarter Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Quarter Fairing Bmw R90s

Quarter Fairing (BMW R90S)

  • Half Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Half Fairing Bmw Cafe Racer

Half Fairing (BMW Cafe Racer)

  • Full Fairing
Motorcycle Fairing Development Full Fairing Bmw S1000rr 2019

Full Fairing (BMW S1000RR 2019)


Motorcycle fairings were originally plugin to motorcycles and modified for performance racing use, but these bodyworks are gradually developing for daily riding like street motorcycles.
In most case, the suit is just as important as what’s inside, you and motorcycle!

And of course, fairing break easily…

This creates the intention to buy new fairings, whether you admit or not, it is so expensive to replace original factory fairing (so-called OEM fairing).

  • Thus, motorcyclist argues that on many motorcycles aerodynamics were such a total afterthought that encourage you to spend more money…
  • And, to have made it a royal pain in the ass to perform routine maintenance.

Anyway, GoMotoTrip has been doing the best to make you replace fairing with peace.

Hope you enjoy this short post, feel free to let us know what you think of motorcycle fairing.