Why You Should Buy Chinese Fairings?

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Have you ever think of why most of the riders change their motorcycle bodywork as soon as they bought it in brand new condition?

Especially to replace them with aftermarket chinese fairings.


2009 2014 Bmw S1000rr Nardo Grey Rossi Shark Fairing 1

According to our research on the Internet, the main reasons could be:

  • So bad: your motorcycle just crashed…
  • No bad: you just got a crashed bike in a good deal and need to dress it!
  • And you just want the bike in custom paint & unique looking.
  • Plan B: you want to reserve OEM stock fairing so that to prevent damages to OEM fairings. In case sell the bike, the stock fairing could be put back and the bike could be looking brand new to be worth a couple of dollars!

No matter the reasons, it’s easy to tell the biggest parts why we change bodywork on the bike is because we got tired of the looking.

Let us share one of our consumer’s experience with Chinese fairings: the truth about Chinese motorcycle fairings & some buyer guide tips.

Chinese Fairings


Almost 95% of the aftermarket fairing is made in China. This means your new fairing package will be shipped from China, the international shipping takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on whether or not you need the bodywork in the custom paint job.

  • Each fairing piece is individually packed in the nice boxing (it’s about 90cm*60cm*50cm BIG!)
  • You must say that they do an excellent job on their fairing packaging.
Fairing Packing 2

Fairing Packing

Weight Difference

For example the 2008-2011 Honda CBR1000RR aftermarket fairing.

When you got the package, it’s hard to notice the difference in their weight.

The side fairing:

Cbr1000rr Mid Fairing Weight Difference

  • Tray weights 13.4 oz (subtract to get actual weight)
  • Chinese Mid Fairing is 7 oz heavier than OEM mid fairing

The front nose fairing:

Cbr1000rr Upper Lower Fairing Weight Difference

  • Chinese upper fairing is 3 oz heavier than the OEM upper fairing
  • Chinese lower fairing is 5 oz heavier than OEM lower fairings

The lower fairing:

Cbr1000rr Lower Fairing Bolt

Another difference that I’ve noticed is that the CBR1000RR OEM lower fairing stays connected, fitted together with tongue and groove.

While the Chinese lower fairing connected with two small bolts fitted together with bolts (not supplied).

Luckily you could find two more small screws from the garage to be able to connect them.

Chinese Fairing Buying Tips

  1. Prepare yourself the touch-up paint once you receive the fairing package (especially non-OEM color)
  2. Stick to OEM colours if possible (easier to touch up)
  3. If bolts are required make sure to ask for them
  4. Make sure heat shield is supplied
  5. Most will do the custom job but shipping will take longer like 4-6 weeks, once they got started, it could be much faster.
  6. Ask for a custom job in an email, provide a picture
  7. Report any shipping damage or paint defects (pics), they will replace the parts for you
  8. Kits will often come with windscreen and seat cowl (make sure to ask or negotiate), if they don’t, ask for it.
  9. Only purchase with a credit card, it protects you.
  10. Get “injection mould abs” plastic fairing and NOT compression moulded plastic fairings. Also, steer clear of PVC plastic fairing! Injection moulded ABS plastic gives a uniform thickness throughout and a lesser number of irregularities.


I’d like to answer you why you should buy Chinese fairings.

First of all, it’s a super cheap option to make the bike look great compared to have your OEM fairing customized at the body shop!

As you guys know, the body shop charges fortune but not only that, if you crash your custom paint fairing, you have to buy the NEW OEM fairing and then have them painted again on the body shop.

As you guys know the OEM fairing are expensive, like one mid fairing of CBR1000RR are almost the same price of the whole set of Chinese fairings; and as I said, you gonna take the OEM fairing back to the shop and have them custom paint again and hope it will match the other fairing on the bike.

Second, my opinion:

  • Custom paint stock fairing is a super dummy.
  • Customize your bike for cheap and save $$$
  • Preserve OEM fairing, especially for the new bike
  • If the bike gets stolen you can always sell stored OEM fairing, get extra cash for next bike!
  • Less worry as Chinese fairing is cheap to replace! Whether the scratches or crash! And hey you could do whatever you want to do.
  • When you’re ready to sell the bike, put OEM fairings back on, then sell Chinese fairings for 1/2 price.

That’s it, hope you enjoy this post.

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April 18, 2019 02:53

Personally I dont recommend this but im also fresh off getting burned and very upset. I ordered a set of fairings from china about a month and a half ago due to two things that roll up into one… price and design… its actually pretty sad though that the same exact fairings off of several websites here in the US material design and all are 3-4x more expensive for no reason other than typical unchecked
american greed. Not to mention the time frame to get this is identical also… which makes no sense but they do work harder and more efficiently over there no doubt. But that said there is a potential catch and the reason i am now against it… it took a month to get them which is about standard but when i got them I was excited and went to install them but spent a few days trying to install them but for the life of me i couldnt get them to line up and finally my excitement/frustration died off and I got to thinking clearly and went thru the paperwork sent with it only to realize they sent me the wrong year/model. I went and checked my original order and i had the info correct but they dropped the ball and now it will take 2 weeks for them to get it back and another month or so before I get the MAYBE correct fairings.. but i decided mehhh not going to chance it and got a refund and now im still checking.

GoMotoTrip Fairing
GoMotoTrip Fairing
Reply to  C.H.
April 18, 2019 10:16

Hi bro,

Thanks for the comments which are sharing your experience about buying a fairing (NOT OEM but aftermarket) in the US.

Man can’t be perfect and made mistakes sent wrong fairing package to you…
Sometimes you just can’t get what you paid for.

Hope you won’t be having the same thing in the future.
Good luck and ride safe!

Best Regards,