A Bad Thing about Fluorescent Painted Motorcycle Fairing

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Fluorescent painted motorcycle fairing is attractive.

However, if you’re going to consider the element of fluorescent color on your new aftermarket fairing. You must aware of the below-potential risk.

Keep reading.

Fluorescent Layers of Paint

You have to know there is a MUST process to accomplish the fluorescent painting job.

It’s that all the fluorescent color MUST be painted over based on a layer of white primer.

For example:

Let’s say you’d like the Fluorescent REPSOL Fairing.

Then all the paints of REPSOL RED/ORANGE/YELLOW are translucent type and rely on the white undercoat to “pop” as a fluorescent effect.

2008 2011 Honda Cbr1000rr Fluorescence Repsol 76 Fairing 1

What’s Bad?

By the time you use the fluorescent painted fairing, especially under the HOT SUN.

You may likely disappointed, as the fluorescent area on the fairing will be gradually faded and turned into kind of white. (that’s the white primer!)

Below is what we’re talking about the faded risk:

Fluorescence Color Will Faded 1

And this:

Fluorescence Color Will Faded 2

Even GoMotoTrip do apply for the UV Protection all over the whole bodywork. (UV Protection will keep the color stronger for a longer period of time.)

Nothing will happen on the regular colors except for the fluorescent one as it all fades as they get older.

We can’t so sure of all colors won’t fade (as many riders use fairing in any situation) but fluorescent does fade quickly compared with others.


With all of the above being said, it sounds like the absolute best way to do would be only use the fluorescent fairing under less sun, or the sun was low.


So in this post, we gave you the information that you would never have life-forever good results with any fluorescent paint, we would recommend you forget the paint altogether and go with the non-florescent colors if possible, as this way hold color better.

If it’s not a big deal for you still, love the visibility of the fluorescent style. Then go for it. Ever since GoMotoTrip’s fairing are cheap enough for you to just buy another kit rather than have it repainted.

Below is a list of our current fairing design with the fluorescent element:

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