We’d like to share with you how to customize a Ducati 899 Panigale Fairing, case study from Team “Quickshift”.

Who are they? Keep reading.

Who’s Team Quickshift?

Dear Sir or Madam, hey there Team Gomototrip!

We are a group of five motorbike-riders & video producers from Germany.

You may have heard of us, known as Team “Quickshift” on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

Our social media appearance reflects our passion for our work: 100% enthusiasm & dedication for what we love doing!!

(Links are Below.)

The result is a continuously growing community & fanbase.

We want unique looking bikes and really like your work and would like to see your fairing on our Ducati 899 Panigale.


Our YouTube channel:


Our Facebook page:

Our Instagram page:

Team Quickshift

The Design

If you’re good at PhotoShop, just create your ideas on the image and sent to GoMotoTrip.

We will follow it exactly, for example, below is the design files from Team Quickshift.

It’s easy to understand and doable.

Ducati Design By Team Quickshift 1Ducati Design By Team Quickshift 2
Ducati Design By Team Quickshift 3Ducati Design By Team Quickshift 4

Mark: It’s tricky to send fairings to Germany.

If you send the fairing and the stickers separated into two packages, the German “Zoll” can’t do anything.

So the fairing should not have any stickers on it!

The Fairing

So the above design files applied on the real Ducati 899 Panigale bodywork, there it is:

Sponsorship Team Quickshift Ducati 899 Panigale Fairing 1

The Outcome

Quickshift applies their decals on this custom fairing. Check how it looks on their bike here.